About the blog and me

Not Enough Bookshelves was born in 2007, when I discovered the world of blogging and thought it looked fun. Soon after I discovered Young Adult fiction ~ thank you Stephanie Meyer ~ and fell in love.

The reviews you'll find here are mainly positive, because I want to share and talk about books I LOVE with you guys! I review about one out of every four books I read.

I live in the UK with my husband (referred to in this blog as ~ my husband. He vetoed a blog name - boo!) and my son, previously referred to as The Baby, but rechristened the Almost American (AA) on his birthday (he turned two and is therefore too young to be able to veto his blog name)

You can find my favourite books under the Beloved BookShelf page. There are some fabulous guest posts under the Interviews and Guest posts page, from my annual Couple Christmas Countdown. ~ check them out.

And if you want to know a bit more about me here are some things, besides my family, friends, writing and books that I love ~ revealing no?

Things I Love

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book blogs

the beach


matryoshka dolls




cloudy days


cadbury's dairy milk


sleeping late

running (where I'm done I especially love it)

snail mail



my slanket (so warm)


new York city, san francisco, paris and cambridge

mini eggs

simon mayo and mark kamode's film reviews


ferris wheels

starry nights in Maine


long summer nights

road trips

power showers

miniature bottles of anything ~ alcohol, body lotion, tomato ketchup

afternoon tea