Friday, 4 February 2011

Friday Five

Huh, so I don't know how it is Friday again and I have failed to write any reviews because I have some fabulous books to squeal over.

Next week hopefully.

For now here are five things that you may (or may not) find interesting.

1) It's February, the grimmest month. I don't know why it always feels epic when it only has 28 days. My friend Joelle has christened it re-reads month. Which sounds like a good idea, I could do with being cheered up by some re-reads, but I have the last 2 Vampire Academy Books to gobble up first.

2) Downton Abby - if you are also feeling the February Blues may I suggest you download Downton Abby. This fabulous upstairs/downstairs British period drama is a joy to watch. I am utterly in love with it.

3) Today I came across this fabulous re-cap of Sara Zarr's speech to the SCWBI Winter Conference on Notes from the Slushpile A must for all my writer friends.

4) I also found this blog My Mom is a FOB, thanks to a feature on NPR. It's very funny. My favourite so far is, But I mind - found in the right side bar column.

5) Finally, it is my last SuperBowl! Not that I am in to American football. I don't really understand it. But I do love the National Event feel of the Superbowl. Not the mention the 5 for $5 avocados and cute football shaped cookies in Wholefoods.

Are you watching the Superbowl? What's you favourite snack? I feel I should GO for it in snacking terms this year!


  1. Heey
    Hopping by an I really love your layout!! hope you have a great weekend!!

  2. I've heard such amazing things about Downton Abbey--I can't wait to see it! And February is turning into re-reads month for me, too! Re-reading The Mortal Instruments is making me very happy.

  3. Yummm...guacamole! Football, not so much.

  4. We tend to have nachos and veggies and dip & a fruit tray during the superbowl. Who needs supper??? :)

  5. What do you mean by last Superbowl? Are you leaving us?!!? WHY?!?!?!

    Anyway, it's funny cuz I'm re-reading 13 Little Blue Envelopes now so I guess this is re-read month for me too. Usually I never re-read.

  6. Universe in Words - thanks, you too.

    Meredith - It is SO good. Oh I must get to The Mortal Instruments soon!

    Joelle - same thought :)

    Jemi - Nice and healthy. I want these adorable mini hamburgers I saw on GMA

    BookChic- Going home to Ye Olde England :( Haha clearly we all want comfort reads in this grey and grim month. Hopefully it will stop raining soon!

  7. Wow, Sara Zarr's speech is amazing, I just read through it. Thanks so much for the link!

  8. I'll have to check out Downton Abby. It sounds like something I would like. Thanks for the heads up.


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