Friday, 9 July 2010

Finally Friday

It's finally Friday so here are 5 things, some bookish, some not.

1) The baby can walk! On his own! He staggers, waving both hands in the air, giggling madly, till he can find something to collapse into. I guess I shall have to start calling him the toddler now.

2) We're going to the beach, yay! To a place called Nag's Head. So I am expecting horses and to see Del Boy and Rodney.

3) Naomi at Inkcrush is having a Crushing on Jaclyn Moriarty Giveaway. I had never heard of Jaclyn Moriarty (not sure how I'd missed her) if you haven't either you should read Naomi's review of The Ghosts of Ashbury High and you'll want to enter.

4) Once you've entered you should also check out Jaclyn's blog, I Have a Bed Made of Buttermilk Pancakes. I clicked through from Naomi's post and half an hour later I was still reading. Definitely one of my new favourite reads.

5) Pre-order Plain Kate by Erin Bow. It is gorgeous and magical. Review coming soon.


  1. The baby can walk...don't take your eyes off him as he'll soon be off and running! So much fun!

    I see you're reading the Postmistress. My book group chose it as part of our summer reading; what do you think so far?

  2. Hi :) Thanks for the shout-out. And I agree, reading her blog is almost as good as reading her books :) She is my number one author crush...

    And yay for your baby walking! My niece started walking this week too - made me feel a little nostalgic :)

  3. There's nothing in the world as joyous as those triumphant giggles of babies and toddlers when they accomplish something new. Enjoy every single moment! So much fun :)

  4. I haven't ever read a Moriarty, but I just got THE GHOSTS OF ASHBURY HIGH in the mail and am now excited to pick it up. Thanks!

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  6. I saw that you are a part of the Debut Author Challenge! That is so amazing that you are supporting debut authors and I only recently found out that I am going to be one!!! I wanted to ask if you wouldn’t mind heading over to my blog and giving me your opinion. As a blogger turned author I would really appreciate it and the publisher is still giving out ARCs so you might have a chance at a free copy! Thank you and I hope you will stop by and check out The Thirteenth Chime!

    Emma Michaels

    P.S.- My release date if Friday the 13th (August this year) isn't that crazy?

  7. Hope you're having fun a the beach with the hubby and toddler! Just plugging away on edits here.

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