Monday, 10 May 2010

Review: This Is Me From Now On By Barbara Dee

Evie has lived her whole life in Blanton. As she enters seventh grade she is ready for a change. She's ready to find out who she really is. Enter Francesca, quirky and outrageous and keen to live life to the full.

This is an old tale. The new girl stirring up trouble in old established friendships. Barbara Dee makes it fresh and fun though. Evie had a sweet and engaging voice and Francesca is just the right amount of crazy, while having endearing flashes of insecurity. I am also seriously in awe of her clothing choices! There's also a strong message about being accepted for who you are and accepting others for who they are.

Evie's a great role model, although she gets carried away by Francesca's glamour and impulsiveness she still knows what's right and wrong and is prepared to, both do the work and make the apologizes, when she realizes. I also liked that she didn't just fall back into her old role, she took the good things that being friends with Francesca had taught her and kept them. In short she became her own person and told everyone that this was her from now on.

This Is Me From Now On is a  sweet and engaging coming of age story with a great message about being true to yourself, friendship and not looking at people in one light. I think this book would make a great starting point for conversations about friendship with tween and younger teens.

Come back tomorrow for my interview with Barbara Dee.

Book received from the author.


  1. This sounds like a fun book! I'll share your review with my MG and young YA writer friends. I'm excited for the interview tomorrow!

  2. Sounds like a terrific book - can't wait for the interview!

  3. Kim - Good I hope they like it too.

    Jemi - It's a lot of fun. Hope you enjoy the interview I'm terrible at questions. I always think of really good ones after I send the email :)


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