Sunday, 9 May 2010

Happy Mothers' Day!

Happy Mothers' Day to all the mums out there, especially mine!

If you want some great reads featuring mother/daughter relationships, check out this Flashlight Worthy list. I'm over there talking about one of my favourite books (3 guesses!) which has a fantastic mother/daughter relationship at it's centre.

What's your favorite Mother/daughter relationship in a book or on TV?


  1. Woohoo Alexa! Congrats on your new layout I LOVE it!

  2. Gotta say the one in Gilmore Girls (love that show!), and the ones in MM/Sarah Dessen books :)

  3. Love the new look for your blog!! :)

    Hmmm... my favourite mom/daughter relationship is probably not a mom & daughter. From Anne of GG - I love how Matthew & Marilla team up to take on the mothering role for Anne. The relationship enriches them all - lots of heart!

  4. I hope you enjoyed your first mother's day, Alexa! I can't think of a fave mother/daughter book pair, but I agree with the above--GG has my fave mother/daughter duo. :)

  5. p.s. Meant to add, "I love the new blog layout" but seems to have escaped my earlier comment. :)

  6. I so agree with Jemi! Anne needed a family so badly, and Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert gave her that! Hooray for L.M. Montgomery and her wonderful books.

  7. Rose - thank o much and thanks for your help :)

    Audrey - ooh yes. I LOVE Gilmore Girls. The mothers in Sarah Dessen books I always find to be a little distant (well the 3 I've read) but she writes them brilliantly and of course I LOVE Francesca and Mia.

    Jemi - Thank you! Great choice.

    Angie - thank you! We actually celebrated the British one in March. I was hoping for a repeat but no such luck. :) I think next years we'll do the US one though it was more fun here :)

    Kim - Yes they all needed each other didn't they :)


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