Friday, 16 April 2010

Which YA book for my adult bookclub?

Okay, everyone. I need your help! My adult book group has agreed to read a YA book, and it's down to me to pick it. For most of them, this will be their introduction to YA, so what book should I choose?

Only one rule - it must be set in the USA (otherwise, you know, I'd have gone with Melina Marchetta).

This is my shortlist

If I stay by Gayle Foreman

The Secret Year by Jennifer R Hubbard

Looking for Alaska by John Green

All Unquiet Things by Anna Jarzab

Which would you pick? Or do you have a better suggestion?

Thanks and have a great weekend.


  1. All Unquiet Things is my pick...such a great book! Good Luck!

  2. I'd do "If I Stay"...but I think The Book Thief" is the perfect adult/YA cross over.

  3. Ooh. That's a tough one. And set in the U.S., huh. So no fantasy? I was gonna say HOW I LIVE NOW, but that is set in both the U.S. and the UK. If that doesn't work, I'd probably go with LOOKING FOR ALASKA.

  4. I loved Looking For Alaska! I would also suggest Hunger Games and Before I Fall. They were both amazing books!

  5. Jamie - It is SO good isn't? i love Neily.

    Beth - yes I'd forgotten The Book Thief.

    Angiegirl - No, no fantasy/dystopia etc or I'd have done The Hunger Games :)

    Kat - me too. I have Before I fall waiting on my bookcase. Thanks for the recommendations.

  6. I am all for Looking for Alaska. It is my goal to turn as many people into John Green fangirls as possible.

    Also, I just finished The Secret Year (review will come eventually....) and was *so* disappointed. :(

  7. I agree with Beth about the The BOok Thief being perfect YA/adult crossover.
    And I'm a John Green fangirl, so I'm pretty much obliged to say Looking for Alaska, I thought it was wonderful :)

    PS- when I saw the title, first thing I thought of recommending was Melina Marchetta...haha

  8. If I Stay would be a wondrous read for an adult book club, you have my word!

  9. I would suggest THE BLUE GIRL by Charles de Lint.

    Grade 9 Up–

    This lively novel thoughtfully examines friendships that cross magical boundaries and explores how love can strengthen and save us.

    On her first day of school in a new town, Imogene meets Maxine, an outcast, and is targeted by a group of popular bullies. The two become friends despite their polar personalities; Imogene is bold and brash where Maxine is mousy and quiet.

    When Imogene notices a pale boy watching her, she asks about him and learns the story of Ghost–actually Adrian–another outcast who was harassed by cliques, died under mysterious circumstances a few years earlier, and now haunts the school.

    His only companions are a handful of amoral fairies. He convinces them to show themselves to Imogene, but this draws the soul-sucking anamithim to her, endangering her life and the people she loves.

    Charles de Lint has an insight into magic and into how young girls and women think. I've re-read this so many times I have lost count.

    Go to a bookstore, pick up a copy and read the first paragraph. You'll be hooked. Roland

  10. I'm sorry. I am coming out of fighting the flu and missed the "no fantasy." My mistake. Mea Culpa.


  12. Aw I wish I could help you, but sadly I haven't read a single one of these books. I need to get on that! :D

  13. ^^ 謝謝你的分享,祝你生活永遠多彩多姿!........................................

  14. Thank you all. It was close but I went with If I stay. Fingers crossed they love it and I can convert more people.

    Roland - thanks. That book sounds great. I'll check it out.


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