Friday, 9 April 2010

Finally Friday

It's been so hot this week in DC, summer weather rather than spring. It's been the perfect time to read Something Like Fate by Susanne Colastanti. This book really took me back to my school day summers (although I think they involved more rain and less watermelon juice). I love Susanne's writing and I loved the whole fate thing, that ran though this book. Although it didn't end how I wanted, it's a great summer read.

Any recommendations for fun summer reads? 

In writing news I think EU is finally done. I know this because I'm completely thinking about the new book. I've outlined this time, so hopefully it will be less of a massive slog than EU, and involve less rewrites too. I think I have an entire other book with the stuff I've cut from EU.

Lots of exciting things happening round the internet.

Kay Cassidy has posted the first chapter of, The Cinderella Society (LOVE this book),  on her blog. There's also a chance to win a rather fabulous bookmark - I want one! Here's the link.

In my quest to make everyone read an Elizabeth Scott book, I have to tell you that, Jessica (the winner of my contest) is passing her copy on of The Unwritten Rule, because she loved it so much and wants more people to read it - yay! So go and enter at Jessica's Ramblings.

And if you missed my Tuesday post, my friend Joelle Anthony, not only has a new web site, but a trailer for her fabulous book Restoring Harmony. Go check it out, here.


  1. WHAT?! Hot weather? Winter skipped us and slammed you, and now winter's here and you're boiling in the heat of summer. *Sigh* At least you've got your good summer reads! If you haven't read AUSTENLAND, by Shannon Hale, you MUST. Perfect summer read. :)

  2. Lol. Mine definitely involved more rain and less watermelon juice. :)

    Summer reads...anything by Eva Ibbotson, though I particularly love A COMPANY OF SWANS and A SONG FOR SUMMER.

  3. Hurray for hot weather though! I was getting tired of all the rain and gloom :). Thanks again for helping promote the giveaway! I hope that books goes to a great new home!

  4. can't talk about summer reads without mentioning Sarah Dessen ;) perfect summer books IMO.

    And have you finished The Pipers Son? How amazing was it? (I'm the melina marchetta-obsessed blogger, btw lol)

  5. We had 6 inches of snow yesterday. No more today, but it hasn't disappeared. Good luck with EU & the new novel


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