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Q&A with Kay Cassidy and Giveaway

I'm delighted to welcome Kay Cassidy, author of The Cinderella Society, to the blog today. I adore Kay's debut novel and was excited to get to ask her some questions about it. 


1) I love the whole idea that there is a secret society dedicated to helping girls and women make the most of themselves and support each other. What was the inspiration behind the book?
The idea actually came from a news article I read several years ago about a high school sorority.  I had never heard of a sorority in high school before so it got my mind wondering what it would be like.  And then I started wondering what teenaged me would have wanted it to be like.  A group of girls and women dedicated to defeating the mean girls of the world and making the world a better place?  I would've LOVED to have been part of that.  So I created The Cinderella Society as my way of living vicariously through Jess and her Sisters.

2) The Cinderella Society is full of quotes that I want to copy out and stick around my desk. If you had to choose one quote (yours or someone else's) about how to live. What would you choose?
NO WICKED CHATTER.  This is something almost every girl (and woman... and boys and men too!) have to battle.  We all have negative chatter that goes on in our heads sometimes telling us any number of wicked little lies.  That we aren't good enough, our idea isn't going to work, we'll never turn our dreams into reality... blah de blah de blah.  But that's all it is: chatter.  We control what goes on in our heads, so it's time we put the negative chatter out to pasture.  And that goes for Wicked chatter about other people too.  Good karma is our friend - be conscious about what you put out into the world.

3) One of the big themes in your book is being the best you, you can be. So what's a great song for making a girl feel like she can conquer the world?
I create a soundtrack for every book and Jess's theme song in The Cinderella Society is SOAR by Christina Aguilera.  It really captures what Jess and the Sisterhood are about.  I think every girl should listen to this song.  Every woman too.  :-)

4) What's the best writing advice you've been given?
"Writers write."  I know, this advice is almost too simple at first glance.  Something you might easily brush off as insignificant.  But it's so true.  Writers write.  They may talk about writing, learn about writing, read books to soak up the finer points of writing.  But at the end of the day, the only way you'll ever move forward in your career is to sit down and write.

5) What are you reading right now?

I just finished the ARC of Nightshade by Andrea Cremer (coming October 2010).  I absolutely loved it.  I'm not generally a big vampire or werewolf fan (or wolves, as this case may be), but Nightshade completely swept me away into a really fresh story with an amazing, strong, resilient heroine (who has a great sense of humor to boot).  And the two love interests?  I can't decide if I'm Team Ren or Team Shay.  They are both such compelling heroes!
Next up is probably Susan Beth Pfeffer's final book in the moon trilogy, This World We Live In (which I've been wanting to read since Tera Lynn Childs convinced me to stop being my usual chicken self and read the first two moon books last summer). And then more teen chick lit for the 10 in '10 Teen Chick Lit Challenge I co-host with Jessica from Chick Lit Teens!

Thanks Kay! I must remember about that wicked chatter!
The Cinderella Society - what's about?
What a girl to do when the glass slipper fits, but she doesn't want to wear it anymore?

Sixteen year old Jess Parker has always been an outsider.  So when she receives an invitation to join The Cinderella Society, a secret society of the most popular girls in school, it's like something out of a fairy tale.  Swept up by the Cindys' magical world of makeovers, and catching the eye of her Prince Charming, Jess feels like she's finally found her chance to fit in.

Then the Wickeds--led by Jess's arch-enemy--begin targeting innocent girls in their war against the Cindys, and Jess discovers there's more to being a Cindy than reinventing yourself on the outside.  She has unknowingly become part of a centuries-old battle of good vs. evil, and now the Cindys in charge need Jess for a mission that could change everything.

Overwhelmed, Jess wonders if The Cinderella Society made a mistake in choosing her.  Is it a coincidence her new boyfriend doesn't want to be seen with her in public?  And is this glamorous, secret life even what she wants, or will she risk her own happy ending to live up to the expectations of her new sisters?
 The Giveaway
To win a copy of The Cinderella Society just leave a comment on this post with a story/line/quote/thought about what it means to be empowered as a teenage girl. I shall pick my favourite on the 3rd April.
But there's more. The winner of my giveaway, will be entered into another giveaway, with all the other winners on this blog tour. That person shall win an autographed copy of the book to her and Daisy will also donate $100 to Girls Inc. in your name
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  1. Oh I have wanted to read this book!

    After reading Stargirl recently, I made sure to read it to the 5th grade girls at our program. I love the message that it puts out there, be yourself. Who cares what is cool, hip, trendy? Are you being true to you?

    I think it is important that books like this exist because girls need to know that it is okay to be what YOU want to be! Don't fit into a mold just because someone tells you to. You loose the true you when you try to be what others want. Oh and those "mean girls". Screw 'em. ;)

    Hugs Alexa! Fabulous post as always!

  2. Great interview, Kay! Thanks so much for the NIGHTSHADE shout out :)

  3. Very nice interview!

    I'm thinking being able to feel confident or empowered as a girl can take a lot of work, but it just comes down to those simple things. Like accepting yourself for who you are and finding friends who like you for you and not who they think you should be. And I think service is also a big help in this department: anytime you can step outside of your own problems to help someone else, your problems don't seem so bad all the sudden! It's an instant cheer-up remedy.

    Thanks again!

    mmillet at gmail dot com

  4. Great interview - love No Wicked Chatter!!

    My favourite quote of all-time is Gandhi's Be the change you want to see in the world. It's not specific to girls or teens - but to mean it's incredibly powerful.

  5. “I've been making a list of the things they don't teach you at school.
    They don't teach you how to love somebody.
    They don't teach you how to be famous.
    They don't teach you how to be rich or how to be poor.
    They don't teach you how to walk away from someone you don't love any longer.
    They don't teach you how to know what's going on in someone else's mind.
    They don't teach you what to say to someone who's dying.
    They don't teach you anything worth knowing.”
    - Neil Gaiman

  6. “You spend your whole life stuck in the labyrinth, thinking about how you'll escape it one day, and how awesome it will be, and imagining that future keeps you going, but you never do it. You just use the future to escape the present.” – John Green, Looking for Alaska

  7. 人必須心懷希望,才會活的快樂,日子才過得充實,有意義,有朝氣,有信心。........................................

  8. I think being an empowered teenage girl is learning how to love yourself for who you are. Not worrying about what others think of you. Believing in yourself and knowing that you can do anything you believe in. There should be no gender barriers. These are definitely things I wished I would have known back when I was a teenager:)
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    email bangersis(at)msn(dot)com


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