Friday, 26 March 2010

Finally Friday

Firstly, THANK YOU so much, to everyone who commented on my Library Loving Blog post.  I'm trying to get round to comment back on all your posts.

Secondly, you can not imagine the relief, with which I wrote the words, of this blog post. This week has been epic and not in a good way. But some good things have happened.

  • I finished the edits on EU. Hoo-ray! At one point, it felt like the never ending story, but it's done. Well for now at least. I'll dig it out in a couple of weeks and see how good those edits are. For now though, I'm done with it! Which feels very good.
  • I have some unbelievable good books lined up to read. The Piper's Son and The Eternal Ones (thank you Penguin), When Nina Lies (thank you James of Bookchic) Before I Fall (thank you Daisy of Bookchick) and Shiver (thank you B&N gift voucher, which I found it my purse!)
  • The Cherry Blossom festival begins this weekend. The festival, is one of my favourite things, about living in DC. They are just beautiful. Expect some photos, next week.
  • Also, next week, I am super excited to be taking part in, The Cinderella Society by Kay Cassidy tour. It's being hosted by Daisy Whitney, and she's kindly giving away a copy of the book, to one of my readers. So watch out for that.
  • I'll also be posting reviews of The Line, The Sky is Everywhere and The Naughty List. I'm going to try and keep them short and sweet. I have a tenancy to ramble (see above) and say the same things three different way. So I'm planning on practicing tighter writing, with my reviews.
Finally be sure to come tell me what your favourite book of 2010 (so far) had been, for a chance to win three books by Melina Marchetta. Also drop by Kelly's blog to see all the other UnsungYA giveaways.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Omg The Piper's Son! XD Can't wait to read your review!

  2. Wow you have been busy! I just finished Wherever Nina Lies this morning...amazing. :)

  3. Good job on finishing your edits. That's SUCH a good feeling!! :)

  4. AJ - I Know!! It is SO good. I don;t want it to end!

    Rose - Yes, glad you liked it. I can't wait to start that one.

    Jemi - thank you. It is an amazing feeling. Plus for the first time the characters seem to be gone from my head. This may actually be THE END!

  5. I am your latest follower!!! You have such a unique blog, I will be reading up on archives pretty soon. You can also follow me at

    I have great giveaways that you might be interested in.

  6. You have the PIPERS SON?!?! *drool*. I am unbelievably jealous, it's insane.

    Im looking forward to your review on The Sky is Everywhere, I've heard a bunch of great things on it :)


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