Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Cover Wars: The Demon's Lexicon

The Book: The Demon's Lexicon by Sarah Rees Brennan

The USA Cover

The UK Cover

Personally I'm all about the UK cover but what about you? Vote and comment!


  1. The USA cover seems to be focusing too much on how hot the guy is. That's annoying to me. :D

    PS - just in case you want to, I can show you how to make the covers bigger. Just let me know. :D

  2. Oh I totally prefer the USA cover! Right now, though, I guess I'm the minority - I wonder if it will stay this way. . .

  3. UK all the way. It is awesome and the US cover is teh lame. I don't know who that lippy dude is but he's not Nick.

  4. I much prefer the UK version - the hair is the US version doesn't work for me at all!

  5. I prefer the US cover but for only one reason: lips.

    OMG have you ever seen such smoochie lips? Sheesh.

  6. The UK seems to have it :)

    Greenwoman you made me laugh! But true smoochie lips are always a winner, maybe I an be swayed :)

  7. The USA version looks too much like a cheapy bodice-ripper novel to me... UK all the way!


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