Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Christmas Countdown and contest!

The count down to Christmas has begun!

Christmas is the perfect time for romance. Bing Crosby singing, candlelight, strolls in the snow. Some of my favourite romances happen during the festive season.

So to celebrate the holidays and all the fantastic books I've read this year, I am having a Christmas Countdown of my top 10 couples.

To make it easier I made rules

1) They had to come from books I'd read this year (otherwise it might have been top 100)
2) They had to be YA books, seeing as that's what the blog is all about.
3) Only one book by each author can feature (otherwise it might have been a Elizabeth Scott fest)

So over the next 24 days I shall be telling you about my favourite couples of 2009 and why I love them so.

Even more excitingly some fabulous authors and bloggers have joined in and written about their favourite couples.

AND as Christmas is a time of giving, I have some gifts to give away. In the prize pack there is:

A $15 Amazon voucher*
A signed copy of Perfect You by Elizabeth Scott
A signed copy of Rites of Spring (break) by Diana Peterfreund
A signed bookmark of Rampant by Diana Peterfreund
A signed bookmark of The Secret Year by Jennifer Hubbard

AND if we get to 50 entries I will add some more things, so spread the word, please!

Here are the rules to enter

Leave a comment on this post

You get TEN extra entries if you blog about your own favourite couple AND link back here (please include a link to your post in the comments). I hope people do this I'd love to know which couples you guys loved this year and why, and you don't need to follow my rules, choose whoever you like.

The contest is only open to people with a US or Canada mailing address (sorry but books are heavy)

The winner will be drawn at random, on Christmas Eve, and will hopefully get their books in time for the New Year.

Have fun. I hope you guys enjoy it and HUGE thanks to all my guests and readers.

Happy Holidays!

* if you'd rather have a voucher for B&N or an Independent bookstore I'm totally happy to send that instead. You'll just have to wait longer :)


  1. Hiya please enter me. Great contest and good luck with all the festivities. I will probably come back to let you know about the fav couple blog because that sounds like a great idea.

    - Parajunkee

    parajunkee (@) gmail.com

  2. Hey please enter me too! I love your book recommendations, can't wait for the couples blogs!

  3. Enter me please! Can't wait to see which couples you pick!


  4. Sounds like fun! Count me in! I'll probably be back for blogging about my favorite couple. I just need a while to choose! Lol. Thanks so much for the contest!


  5. Such a fun idea with the favorite couples thing, I love it! I might post something on my favorite couples soon...:)


  6. Great contest, please enter me. I have so many favorite couples it's so hard to choose. Have a Happy Holiday and thanks for the contest.

    findjessyhere at gmail dot com

  7. I'm looking forward to your posts on your fave couples :)

    I'd love to enter, but I'm in Canada - after some thought I may have a blog to link up with yours anyway. I'll put my thinking cap on :)

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  9. Jemi - oh boo! Sorry! no one you know visiting you from the US soon?

  10. Cool contest. I would love to be included. Cant wait to see who you picked.

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  11. Enter me! Sounds super fun! I'll try to make a couples post. I have decided yet, though, who my favorite couple is. :-)


  12. Enter me, please! And I'll think about my favorite couple. How fun!

  13. Please enter me! Can't wait to see your favorite couples.

    dasuzuki at yahoo dot com

  14. Awesome contest.... I've been told I really need to read an E. Scott book. And I'm going to blog on my own blog about *another* one of my favorite couples... this one actually from YA. I think. Or maybe television, lol.

  15. This is so cool, Alexa! I blogged about you and about this contest on my blog (www.kharristhacker.com) and said there that my favorite couple from a YA book I read in 2009 is Sophie Hatter and Howl from Diana Wynne Jones' HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE. I know this book didn't come out in '09, and I totally missed out not reading it sooner, but since I read it this year, I figured it might fit your rules. :) Please enter me in your contest!!! And THANKS!

  16. very novel thanks minsthins at optonline dot net

  17. This sounds fun!

    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  18. Cool Contest

    DavidLeavitt at Gmail dot com

  19. Thank you for the giveaway! I can't get enough to read! I am not feeling distraught I don't have a favorite couple I can think of so I won't be getting extra entries, and apparently I need to read MORE!

  20. I would love to be entered. This is such a cool idea but I don't know if I can pick just one couple that I loved. I loved them all. I guess I would say Nora and Patch from Hush,Hush and Zara and Nick from Need. =]


  21. Hi great contest!

    I love Perfect You!

    infinitemusic19 at gmail dot com

  22. Hiya! :) I'd like to enter this contest since I love, love, love Elizabeth Scott.

    Also I blogged about my favourite couple here!


  23. Can't wait to read your whole list! I'll have to add some books to my Xmas wish list!


  24. Merry Christmas everyone! Please enter me in the contest, I'd love to win.


  25. Sounds great!:)


  26. Great contest!!!


  27. I'm probably not eligible since I'm one of the guest bloggers, right? And not just because I'm Canadian? I see you decided to let us join in after all.

    Just because you're so kind to your neighbours up north, I'll throw a Restoring Harmony magnet & pack of RH post-it notes into the prize package if you want.

  28. I'm loving these posts! And I had to participate. Here is a link to my blog entry with my fave:


  29. Thanks for the contest. I don't blog but my favorite couple is the late Paul Newman and his wife Joanne Woodward. It is so rare for a hollywood couple to have long lasting true love like they had.

    khzarrugh (at) gmail (dot) com

  30. Sounds fun.

    My favorite YA couple of the year is...Katnis Everdeen and Gale (does he have a last name?) from The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I heart these two amazing characters, though my Dear Daughter disagrees and thinks Peeta is the better man...er boy!

    I also recently read Graceling and the companion novel, Fire, by Kristin Cashore. I would have to say my fave couple is from Fire and is Fire and Brigan.

  31. Enter me please!! Now I am going to have to post my own favorite couples to get even more entries!!

  32. I'd like to be entered! And I think I'll see if I can scare up a favourite couple in what I've read this year! :D

  33. Great contest, I love your couples so far :)
    I'm not sure what my fave couple this year would be, I've read so many fantastic books :)


  34. I'm not sure if my comment before entered me - thought I'd better mention I'd love to enter the contest, though I think you already knew that :) So many good couples, so many good books!

  35. Hi, what a cute idea! I blogged about it here; http://trinsnook.blogspot.com/2009/12/i-love-finding-new-to-me-blogs-and-i.html

    My favorite couples were from Shiver, Wicked Lovely and Wings.

    Please enter me
    khal5671 AT gmail.com

  36. What an awesome contest!

    My favorite couple is definitely Katniss and Peeta from Hunger Games. (Which I didn't read until Catching Fire came out-- I had no idea what I was missing!)

    Grace and Sam from Shiver are a close second!


  37. This is a great contest and please add me.


  38. I am not sure all the ya books that you read but I did blog about my favorite couple that I read this year.



  39. hey i totally forgot to leave my email earlier! im soo sorry!!

  40. and again i forgot it....gosh im sooo sorry

  41. Great contest!!

    I just did my favorite couples post here:


    dragonzgoil at gmail dot com

  42. Nice contest! I've liked a lot of the couples I've read about in YA this year in fiction....but I think my favorite would have to be Jace & Clary from The Mortal Instrument series. They're just so good together! I love their bantering.

    my email's in my profile page. :)

  43. Great contest!
    My fav couple would have to be Jace and Clary from The Mortal Instruments.
    I posted about your contest on my blog:

    Merry Christmas! Fingers Xed!

    Email: aqtbenz[at]hotmail[dot]com

  44. I'm back because I posted about my favorite couple here:
    I'm also giving away one of the books they're from!!


  45. I had a hard time chosing with this one but heres my winner: