Monday, 23 November 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

What I know about Thanksgiving, I know from the movies. Apparently it's a holiday where you get obsessed with food, somehow you don't get to eat the food (it gets burnt, lost, you give it away) but realize that being with your family is the important thing


you get stuck (usually due to snow) in an airport, have flash backs to moments in your life, meet the love of your life (who is also stuck in the same airport), the snow clears and you're home in time for dinner.

I'm adopting Thanksgiving!

I have too, It's a holiday about food, love and family. My kind of holiday!!! Plus the baby is Almost American.

Before we settle down to the Macy's parade, turkey and sweet potato with marshmallow (really, America, really?) Here is what I'm thankful for:

my beautiful baby boy

my lovely husband

my family, far away but still close in spirit

my friends; old new, online and off. You brighten my days and help me so much

the chance to live in DC

having everything I really need

having time to write (even though it isn't much!)

Modern Family and In the thick of It for making me laugh and laugh.

Glee for making me happy (but more Emma Glee!)

that I'm going to see New Moon tonight



AND of course


The wonderful people who write them - thank you!


and the wonderful people who write them - thank you!


Thanks for reading and commenting I love hearing from you

Happy Thanksgiving


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

    Think I'll skip both missing the meal and getting stuck. LOL

  2. Enjoy your first Thanksgiving! I hope it has less drama than the movies.

  3. Great thankful list! Happy Thanksgiving!


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