Friday, 16 October 2009

The Week That Was

I have completely failed at both reading and writing this week, due to illness and jet lag. I did build the baby's excersaucer (no it has nothing to do with reading or writing but I'm super proud of it).

This weekend it's KidLitCon09.

I'm excited (great authors, great bloggers, great events) and nervous (who will I speak to, where will I sit. I have a lot of issues let over from school!) and sad I can only make half the day but half a day is better than nothing. I also hope to make it to the author event at Hooray for Books! on Sunday. If you're in the DC area you should come.

On the internets this week I utterly loved this post by Daisy Whitney comparing scenes in your novel to shoes. Go read it, it's great.

Can't you relate? And isn't it so tempting to say these shoes are so cute and fabulous no one will notice that they don't quite go?

Have a great weekend everyone and feel free to share any posts you loved this week in the comments.


  1. Aww, thanks! I like to find shoes analogies whenever I can! Have a great time at KidLitCon. I look forward to your report.

  2. Shoe analogies are great :) KidLitCon was interesting and though provoking, more later.


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