Sunday, 18 October 2009

My Blogging Journey - KidLicCon 09

The two sessions I attended at KidLitCon 09

Build a Better Blog: Best practices, ideas and Tips and It's Not all about your Book: Writing Ideas for Blogging Authors were well run and informative and really got me thinking. So thanks to those running them.

The two questions that really struck me were posed by MotherReader during Build a Better Blog and they were:

Why are you Blogging? and Who are you Blogging for?

My Blogging Journey

The Beginning

I started blogging two years ago, when I moved to DC. Originally my blog was a personal blog and I chatted about the culture shock of moving to DC, the UK versus the US and what I was doing every day.

Then I discovered just how out there you are on a blog and started a new blog, on the same lines, but anonymously. It was great fun, and I met some wonderful people. A few of whom have become proper friends. That blog really helped me through moving to a new place.

Book Blogging

While blogging about every day life I discovered book blogs and wanted to join in. So Not Enough Bookshelves was born. Again, it was a great experience. I discovered YA books and some brilliant authors and brilliant blogs.

More Change

Now though things have changed. I have a son, so I don't want to write too much about my personal life. I'm in the process of editing my first book before querying it. So is it appropriate to be reviewing other people's books? There were lots of difference of opinion on that one at the conference.

So what exactly should I be blogging about?
What do I want to blog about?
Who do I want to blog for?

Right now I'm not sure. So I'm taking a short break from the whole blog scene to think about it.


I'd love to know why you blog and who you blog for.


  1. Funny you should ask because Intern Spill just wrote a whole post telling you what to blog about!

  2. Hi, fellow NaNo! (I saw your comment on The Literary Lab.) I am doing NaNoWriMo for the first official time this November. A friend and I did a successful "practice" run in March.

    I blog to keep in the habit of writing, and the topic of my blog is living well on a small income. It's about finding wealth in the life you have, even if you don't have lots of money. I'm not so sure this is a topic of great interest among blog readers, but I have fun with it.

    The blogs I READ are mainly writers' and publishers' blogs, though, because I am also an aspiring novelist.

    And by December 1st I should be well on my way! :D Good luck to you, too.


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