Sunday, 18 October 2009

KidLitCon 09

On Saturday I went to KidLitCon 09 and despite having to leave early I had a great time. And it's never that hard for me to leave anywhere anymore, because I get to come home to my wonderful smiley son! Although it would have been nice to have gone to Meet the Author.

Anyway I got up in the dark, which is nothing new for me since the baby came along, but I actually got dressed, did my hair and put on makeup. Which is different.

Then I drove, in the pouring rain, to the Sheraton Crystal City Hotel. It took me a little longer than it should as I missed junction 8C (why do you put junctions on both sides of the road in America? Why? It's just wrong).

Anyway I made it, eventually, and after two cups of very strong coffee felt much better and able to talk to people.

Unfortunately I didn't really get to chat to many people because of the whole leaving at lunchtime but I did pounce on Elizabeth Scott (who sat next to me) and tell her how much I LOVE her books. I hope I didn't scare her, she seemed quite pleased and was very lovely to me.

I also met Pam Bachorz author of Candor, which sounds amazing and is on my TBR list, and Wendy Shang author of The Great Wall of Lucy Wu. Isn't that a great title?

The two sessions I was able to attend, The Blog Within, and It's not all about your book were excellent but more about those tomorrow.

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