Thursday, 1 October 2009

Judy Blume and The National Book Festivel

I spent a great deal of my time at The National Book Festival waiting to see Judy Blume. The lines were completely chaotic but it was still great fun.

Judy Blume people! I spoke to her!

There were so many girls and women waiting to meet her who had been touched by her books. Judy Blume just knows and she can translate that knowledge into perfect books that, last. Forever was first published before I was born and yet there were teenagers waiting in line to get it signed.

I also got The Tales of Despereaux signed for the baby. Kate DiCamillo was lovely. Both she and Judy Blume and many other authors stayed much longer than they were officially signed up for. Which was really fabulous of them.

Kate DiCamillo

Then I wandered around trying to find a short line to buy water but eventually settled for a dove ice cream bar.

I only managed to catch one author talk before I had to leave and that was Lee Child. I haven't actually read any of his books but Ann Kingman of Books on the Nightstand recommended his latest Jack Reacher novel so I went to check him out. He was funny and interesting and, for all you writers out there, said wasting time on the internet will lead you to great ideas! I'll definitely be picking up Gone Tomorrow.

It was a great day and wonderful to see so many people celebrating books. Next time I plan to be more organized, take water and hopefully spend the whole day there.


  1. Hi :)
    Thanks for the great post & pictures.
    Did Judy Blume have Security behind her? Those two men looked like FBI types.
    All the best,

  2. Oh my gosh! I looove Judy Blume. I'll never forget reading Double Fudge and Tales of A fourth Grade Nothing when i was younger. You're so lucky!

  3. I need to read Forever! And oh, Kate DiCamillo <3

  4. RK Charron - not sure but they do don;t they! The poor women next to her was obviosuly in charge of making sure things went to time and was very flustered.

    Haley - oh I love Fudge!

    Nymeth - oh wow you really must read Forver. Actually I'd be interested to know what you thought not having the emotional teenage ties to it.


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