Saturday, 31 October 2009

Here we go

So NaNoWriMo begins today!

I'm planning on working a six day week, so that means I have a target of 1,923 words a day.

Oh my god! That sounds so many.

Fingers crossed the baby goes down well for every nap this month (laughs manically). Okay fingers crossed I don't die of sleep deprivation.

My most important tool for NaNoWriMo is THE BOX.

It lives in my head and is actually prettier than this one, it has glitter!

I plan on shoving all those new, distracting ideas into it. Why do they always pop up, all bright and beguiling, when you're at a particularly difficult part of the WIP?

It happened to me last year and I got completely sidetracked. Luckily I read Meg Cabot's brilliant pep talk, got back on track and finished.

So this year I have The Box.

Where all those ideas can go and live, while I finish NaNoWriMo.

Also if you're doing NaNo or even if you're not. Justine Larbalestier and Scott Westerfeld are blogging writing tips, on alternate days, throughout November. Should be lots of great advice.


  1. Have fun with Nano! I saw a fun comment/cheer: don't worry if what you write is right, just WRITE! :)

  2. Good luck, Alexa!! And I second Care's comment :)

  3. best of luck!! i started a new story a couple weeks ago and i'm at like 8,000 now so i didn't sign up for NanoWriMo but I am going to try and get 50,000 or around there done this month so I'm kind of doing it. hah

    and yes, I need a box too! Gah, I hate getting all these fun ideas when i'm trying to write something else.


  4. Best of luck!

    I did NaPoWriMo for the last two years and it's tough!

  5. Good luck and thanks so much for the links. I love your box idea.

  6. Hi Alexa - I'm doing NaNo as well. I love the craziness of the month - just hoping I can keep up. Really not sure this year. Good luck!

  7. Care - that is an excellent cheer I'll try and remember it!

    Nymeth - thanks :)

    Shooting Stars Mag - good luck with your novel,hope you make it. I know why do the ideas come when you dont' want them too :)

    Linda - thanks! I did it last year and yes it's tough!

    Rhiannon - No problem think they'll be lots fo great advice.

    Jemi - Good Luck! I'm not sure I'll make it either this year but at least we are trying!!!!

  8. A box, why thats a great idea. Mine probably wont have any glitter on it, and will probably be black leather but hey, the idea sounds like it just might work. This is my first Nano, so, Im gathering all the tips I can. Thanks. And, good luck.

  9. Good luck with NaNo, Alexa! And wow--the box--what a great idea! I think I'll have to have a box too, if that's all right with you.

  10. Good luck! your blog is awesome, and I'm sure your novel will be wonderful as well!

  11. Thomas - black leather, what kind of ideas are going in this box ;) Good luck with your first NaNo, have fun!

    Kim - Thanks. Of course it's alright, I do like my little box it is filling up :) When NaNo is over I'll have to do some throwing away :)

    Sadako - aw thank you very much.


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