Thursday, 29 October 2009

Here we go again! Get ready for a very ugly first draft!

50,000 words in One Month, oh the craziness!

It's time for NaNoWriMo again.

Get the words on the paper, that's all!

This year I am so much more prepared. I have an outline, all my characters have names (first and last!), they have profiles. Heck I even have a playlist!

Last year's NaNoWriMo was all about jumping in and just doing it.

I'd had no outline.

I was writing YA and I think I'd read maybe five YA books.

I hadn't read any of the wonderful books or blog posts on writing.

What I had read was Ally Carter's rather fabulous 101 Tips on being a Writer and I copied number three and stuck it over my computer.

Don't be afraid of ugly first drafts--even the great classics had a first draft. I promise

I'll be sticking it up again this year because NaNoWriMo is all about finishing. It's about having something you can work with, and polish, and pick apart.

You can't make nothing shine

So for the month of November I shall be writing, writing, writing. Not worrying about adverbs or sentence structure or the insane amount of exclamation marks I use!

I'll just be writing. Will you be joining me?


  1. I will be joining you. YAY! It's almost time!

  2. Hi :)
    This will be my first NaNo!
    I'm RKCharron there & on Twitter.
    All the best,

  3. FUN :)But I do not have the time.

  4. I am so excited for November 1st so I can start writing! I'm not quite as prepared as you but I hope to use this year as a learning experience if nothing else! Good luck!

  5. Brizmus - tomorrow it begins!!!

    RKCharron - Good luck

    Nina - it should be, maybe next year for you?

    Ashley - it will be great. Last years was a huge learning curve for me.


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