Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Here come the boys

There have been many posts round the YA blogshere on bad boys and good guys. My favourites have been over at AngieVille read them here Bad Boys and Nice Guys.

I find in books I go for the good guy,

Peeta, The Hunger Games,
Finn from Something Maybe,
Po from Graceling,
Guy from Willow,
Noel from The Ruby Oliver series

They all have my heart.

On TV though I'm a fan of the bad boy; Tim Riggins, Spike and Logan Echols all make me swoon.


Then I wondered what type of boys I write; are they good or bad?

Last years NaNo.

It features a bad boy/good guy love triangle. Yes I know. The MC starts out with the bad boy, who isn't exactly bad, just ruthless and yes he did have a hard childhood. Then she meets the good guy later in the book. I'm still not entirely sure who she should end up with. I love both my boys.

That novel is such a mess.

EU (No it's not a book about the European Union)

Has the goodest of good guys. He is so nice some of my beta readers complained and I had to toughen him up a bit, but he is still an utter sweetheart. He had to be really. My MC, Emma, has been through a lot. She really couldn't have dealt with a bad boys baggage; she has enough of her own.

This years NaNoWriMo

Ah Matthew French. I love him so much.

He has a huge chip on his shoulder, a difficult family situation, he's pig headed and opinionated and sarcastic, and he kisses Ellie, then proceeds to ignore her.

He certainly has bad boy potential. He's not sulking round the school though, being all mysterious and brooding and darkly handsome. For one thing he has red hair! Also he's head boy, he's popular, he's on the debate team and track team. He has lots of friends. He helps old ladies across the road! He's basically a mass of contradictions and so much fun to write.

So do you love the bad boy or the good guy? If you write which do you prefer to write?


  1. I don't like it when it's very black and white. I like people to be a mixture.

  2. I love the cranky, arrogant good guy. That's who I'm writing right now. I adore him!

  3. I usually prefer the nice guys - although I don't mind at all if they are rough around the eges - they just have to have big hearts :)

  4. Joelle - I do too normally but sometimes I like a villain I can just hate!

    Rhiannon - He is fun and I'm sure I'd adore your character too :)

    Jemi - Nice guys are good and rough round the edges adds some fun :)

  5. This is a fun post, Alexa. It really got me thinking about my boys...

    The protagonist in my most recent book is an accidental villain, and I love him enough to drag him into another story or two. My WIP has both good guys and bad guys, but the good guys do some bad things and the bad guys might actually turn out okay. Hmm...I'm with Joelle on this. I like a mixture of the good and the bad in characters--especially if they're the main characters. It makes them so much more believable. However, all of my novels have bad guys who are just plain bad! I agree with you that I like a despicable villain!


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