Friday, 9 October 2009

Bit and Pieces

Only one link this week as I have been in the UK and away from my beloved internet - sob.

I am still in the UK, actually, enjoying proper cups of tea and Cadbury chocolate. This post was scheduled (see how my computer savvy has grown! Unless it didn't work. In which case I am still rubbish.)

So the thing I am loving this week is

Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-thon is on the 24th October 2009. Go sign up here right now!

I've signed up to be a cheerleader. You can find out what that means here.

Please comment and tell me what posts or your or other people's I should check out this week. Don't make me face the google reader!

1 comment:

  1. Well, you just have to read my blog, you know, and you're good. :)

    I wish I could do the read-a-thon! Darcy doesn't let me do that, though. SIGH.


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