Monday, 12 October 2009

Back Home

I'm back!

Unfortunately both the baby and I have brought back colds with us. Which made for a lovely flight home yesterday. Apologizes again to our fellow passengers and huge thanks to the fantastic BA flight crew. If you are ever stupid enough to take a four month old across the Atlantic, fly BA, they are wonderful.

Last week was hectic, to say the least. I only managed to read four chapters of Her Fearful Symmetry (I'm dying to read more), and only edited one chapter of the book, the baby will be in college before it's finished.

I did come up with a rather fabulous idea to blog about though. I've been trying to think of something other than reviews (seeing as how my average books read has fallen so dramatically) and when I was in Waterstones I had a brain wave.

UK versus US covers, which is best.*

I thought it would be a fun series of posts to do because

a) I love covers. I always judge books by them, sometimes unfairly but usually correctly.

b) I'm British but living in America, which is a nice tie in.

c) I love judging things.

So tune in this Thursday for the first cover to cover stand off. We're starting with Just Listen by Sarah Dessen.

*I know someone else has probably done this but I've never seen it so I'm claiming it as an orginal idea


  1. Oooo! Great idea about the book covers!

    And your son will not be in college by the time you finish the book. You'll get there, just like I am. :)

    Can't wait to chat with you again!

  2. Thanks :)

    I'm not so sure!

    Looking forward to chatting to you too. I want to know who took that rather fab photo.


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