Tuesday, 15 September 2009

BBAW Interview

I hope the powers that be at BAWW don't mind that my interview is slightly different. My partner didn't get in touch so yesterday I asked if any commentors had questions and lots of lovely people did. Thank you so much BookChic, Kelly, S. Krishna and Blustocking.

From Book Chic

1) How did you start blogging? Did you have any blogs as inspiration while starting your own?

I started when I moved to DC and was home alone all day. There had been a huge fuss about bloggers in the UK press because Petite Anglaise had just got a book deal off the back of her blog. I thought it looked fun so I started writing one about life in DC. Then I discovered book blogs and Not Enough Bookshelves was born.

2) Book bloggers always have huge book piles and wish lists. What are you reading now, and what books are you looking forward to reading?

Oh gosh this list could go on and on. I’m currently reading Jessica’s Guide to dating on the dark side, which is very funny. I’m looking forward to

Willow Julia Hoban

The girl with the dragon tattoo Stieg Larsson

Fire by Kristen Cashore

If you come softly Jacqueline Woodson

3) Have you had the chance to meet many authors? What has been your favorite author event to go to so far?

I met Diana Peterfreund on Saturday and that’s been it. It was very interesting though and I’d love to go to another event.

4) Continuing with the same theme as the last question, what would your dream author event be? It can include any writer, living or dead.

I would love to have met Nancy Mitford who write on of my favourite books The Pursuit of Love, she had quite a biting wit though so I’d probably have been scared to death of her.

I’d also love to hear Philip Pullman talk about his work. I thought he’d made it all up but I recently read that Salvabard is a real place, so I’d be interested to know if any of the things in the book come from old folk lore etc.

5) Surprisingly, book bloggers do have a life outside of books. What are your favorite movies and TV shows? What do you do when you're not reading or working on your blog?

Favourite movies are Breakfast at Tiffany's, It's a wonderful life, The Bourne Films, Legally Blonde, Juno and The Sound of Music

Ah TV how I love you. Currently I’m loving Glee. I’m watching Friday Night Lights, Veronica Mars and Arrested Development on DVD. I’m looking forward to The Vampire Diaries and Flash Forward and the new seasons of Gossip Girl, House, Lost and Chuck.

When I’m not reading/blogging, the baby and I are out and about at cute things like Mommy & Me yoga. When he’s sleeping I’m trying to edit my first novel, it’s going very slowly!

6) What's your favorite genre to read? Least favorite? Why?

YA. I discovered it last year and I just love them. There is so much talent in the YA world.

My least favourite is confessional memoir. I just find them far to upsetting and depressing.

7) What was your favorite book to read as a child? Tell us about it.

The Silver Sword by Ian Serraillier. It’s about three polish sibling whose parents are taken away by the Nazi’s and they have to survive in war torn Poland.

8) You've recently become a new mom. What books do you plan on bringing into his life as required reading as he grows up?

I can not wait to start reading books with the baby!

While he’s young I love

We’re going on a bear hunt,

Each Peach, Pear, plum

Charlie and Lola

All of Dr Suess

All Eric Carle’s books

When he’s older

The Dark is Rising,

Harry Potter

His Dark materials

The Famous Five

Swallow and Amazons

The Hobbit

I could go on and on

9) You live in Washington, DC. What are your favorite sites to see and places to go around the area?

I love living in DC. I still get excited when I see it on TV and can say I actually live here! My favourite area is the National Mall. I love how it’s laid out. My favourite monument is the Lincoln Memorial. My favourite museum is The Museum of America History and The Spy Museum. My favourite restaurant is Hank’s Oyster bar, they have the best oysters and best crab cakes.

10) This is something I ask of pretty much everybody I interview, but what is your favorite Jelly Belly jelly bean flavor?

Gosh I haven’t had Jelly Bellys beans in years. I remember the excitement when I was a kid and they arrived in the UK but I’m not really a sweet person. I think I used to like butter popcorn, is that a flavour?

From S Krishna

If you were a book, what genre would you be?


From Bluestocking

How many books do you have?

5 big bookcases full

How long have you been blogging?

Nearly 2 years -gosh that went fast!

What's your favorite genre?


Are you going to come visit me?

Of course

From Kelly

How has your blogging changed since becoming a mama? Have you had to cut back, or carve out time explicitly?

I have a lot less time and I have to limit my time when the baby is asleep because I really need to work on the book too. For example I really don't have time to add links to all the lovely people who asked me questions (sorry!) or the books I mentioned.

Thanks very much to everyone who asked me questions. It was fun. If you haven't entered to win a signed copy of Rampant hop over now! And if Killer Unicorns aren't your thing come back tomorrow when I'll be giving away one of my favourite books.


  1. Great interview! And I'm not just talking about my own questions, lol. Glad I was able to make the cut and get some questions to you. :) I've got a scheduled post for tomorrow, so I'll link to it then.

  2. Yay -- I'm from the D.C. area, too! I'm actually in Southern Maryland but spend a great deal of time in the nation's capital, including for work. I love the National Mall, too! Are you going to the National Book Festival on Sept. 26? A bunch of us are meeting up -- if you haven't already heard about the tweetup that day, you should come!

  3. BookChic - LOL thanks for the Q's it was fun answering them :)

    WriteMeg - I am! I'll have to look up the Tweetup that would be fun.

  4. Great idea! I’m so glad you did this.

    Any chance you want to come to Baltimore on the evening of 9/25 to meet a few bloggers at the Baltimore Book Festival?! Friday night is YA night at the Festival!

    PS. YAY for planning to read The Hobbit with you new baby later on!

  5. Heather J - oh I would have loved to but I have visitors in town, such a shame. Maybe I'll just abandon them :)

  6. The Silver Sword is one of my favorites too!


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