Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Super Heroes

Diana Peterfreund is having a very fun give away.

To win a copy of Dull Boy by Sarah Cross you just need to go and tell her your superhero name, BUT for an extra entry you can create your superhero. Don't sit down at this site when you're busy it is highly addictive.

This is Solstice


Can you tell I kind of wanted to be Wonder Women when I was little?

Originally I was going to give her the power of being impervious to pain (with my due date looming this seems like a pretty good power to me) but then I thought maybe if you can't feel pain you can't feel pleasure. Which would be sad but might make for great Superhero inner turmoil.

Anyway her powers are linked to the seasons so in Summer she can shoot fire from her hands, in Winter she can freeze things etc. Obviously she can also kick serious serious ass and is a master sword fighter.

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