Sunday, 24 May 2009

Review - Perfect Fifths

Perfect Fifths - Megan McCafferty

Spoilers for the first four

The final installment of the Jessica Darling series. I've been ambivalent about these books. Some parts I adored, some parts not so much. I loved all of Perfect Fifths. If the whole series was like this book it would be one of my all time favourites.

Fourth Comings left me feeling deeply melancholic. Mostly due to one of Jessica's final statements before she turns down Marcus proposal.

And yet I know I am too young, that we're too young, for me to live my life only as it relates to you. If you had asked me to marry you the night you first told me about your acceptance, I would have embraced Princeton as part of a larger plan that involved me. I probably would have reacted differently.

I might even had said yes.

Alas, you didn't ask me then. You made plans for your future without me in mind, And that's okay. But how can you now ask me to arrange my life around you?

I know she made the right choice but I wished they'd found a way to be together and live their own lives.

Perfect Fifths begins three years later as Jessica literally runs into Marcus in the airport on route to Bridget and Percy's wedding. It's the first time they've meet since she turned down his proposal and sparks fly.

When Jessica misses her flight and is standard at the airport for 18 hours. She and Marcus take the opportunity to reconnect.

Perfect Fifths still has the trademark humour of the other Jessica Darling books but it's written in a completely different style. Instead of Jessica's journal entries, it's told in third person, allowing us to finally glimpse what is going on in Marcus's head.

I thought the style change worked perfectly for this final encounter between the two. I also loved all the different techniques that Megan used to keep the book, which really only features Jessica and Marcus of them, interesting.

The section written in straight dialogue was skillfully done. I always knew who was speaking and it allowed for lots of information to flow between the two. The awkwardness of that first conversation was really captured.

The haiku section was so perfectly Marcus and section five which uses some favourite quotes from the last four books was brilliant.

So five stars for Prefect Fifths. It's a great end to the series.


  1. I was very surprised by the change in tone for Perfect Fifths, but like you, I really thought it worked. Nice review!

  2. Glad to hear you loved the series!

  3. I'm glad to hear it ends well. I've circled this series for awhile now and haven't jumped in because reviews seemed mixed. Maybe now's the time...

  4. S.Krishna - Thanks :)

    Kelly - I did after a shaky middle

    Angie girl - You should definitely try it


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