Monday, 6 April 2009

Sunday Salon - March Round Up and BEDA

I read twelve books in March and reviewed one properly and six very briefly. Which is pretty pathetic, even by my standards.

And it's not as if they were books I didn't like. I read some fabulous books. I really want to talk about them. I could use the excuse that I'm pregnant and trying to write a book but really I'm just lazy!

I did contemplate joining in BEDA (Blog Every Day April) organized by the very cool and very funny Maureen Johnson. Whose blog I found by accident but got hooked on when I read her description of Noel Edmonds,

The host of the UK version is a man named Noel Edmonds, an even-voiced bearded man with a gift for inducing low-level, unending tension. He’s sort of a cross between everyone’s favorite uncle, the nice one who knows how to tell the best stories, and a serial killer, one who’s extremely good at luring victims with his friendly demeanor and then chops them to bits while humming along with classical music on the radio.

That captures perfectly the man I grew up watching on Saturday night TV.

Anyway I considered jumping on the bandwagon of BEDA. I'm a bog fan of bandwagons and many of my favourite bloggers are doing it. But I knew I would fail. I'm pregnant and lazy remember?

So I set my own (more manageable) April challenge. Two reviews a week. So books you can look forward to seeing featured here in the coming month include;

Tap and Gown by Diana Peterfreund

Saving Francesca by Melina Marchetta

Fade by Lisa McMann

Stargazer by Claudia Gray

And whatever else I read this month, along with Tuesday Teasers and BTT.

And although I missed Weekly Geeks this month. If you have reviewed any of the same books as me leave a comment and I'll add a link (eventually).


  1. Please make sure you review Saving Francesca, because I want to hear about it :P

  2. I'm way behind on reviews too! And I'm not pregnant, so I don't have nearly as much of an excuse. :/

  3. Nymeth - It's first on the list, I LOVED it.

    Eva - Good to know :)


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