Monday, 9 March 2009

Weekly Geeks - Quote Three

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"No," he said, "memory's a poor thing to have. It's your own real hair and mouth and arms and eyes and hands that I want. I didn't know I could ever love anything so much. Oh Lyra, I wish this night would never end! If only we could stay here like this, and the world could stop turning, and everyone else could fall into a sleep . . ."
"Everyone except us! And you and I could live here forever and just love each other."
"I will love you for ever, whatever happens. Till I die and after I die, and when I find my way out of the land of the dead I'll drift about for ever, all my atoms, till I find you again. . ."
"I'll be looking for you, Will, every moment, every single moment. And when we do find each other again we'll cling together so tight that nothing and no one'll ever tear us apart. Every atom of me and every atom of you . . ."

The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman


  1. *gags*

    Someone actually wrote that sap? And it got published??

  2. I love this series so much <3

  3. Captain Hook - You wound me!!! I love Will and Lyra.

    Nymeth - me too, it's so good and so sad and so hopeful


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