Thursday, 12 March 2009

Weekly Geeks - Quote Six

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"Maybe," I said. "Or maybe you're just really extraordinary."
As this came out, it was like someone else had said it. I just heard the words, even agreed with them, and a second later realized it was my voice. Oh, my God, I thought. This is what happens when you don't think and just do.
We sat there, looking at each other. It was warm out, the fireflies sparkling round is, and he was close to me, his knee and mine only inches apart. I had a flash of how his hand had felt earlier, his fingers closing over mine, and how for one crazy second I thought that everything could change, right now, if only I could let it. If he'd been any other boy, and this was any other world, I would have kissed him. Nothing would have stopped me.
"Okay," I said, too quickly, "my turn."
He blinked at me, as if he'd forgotten we were even playing. So he'd felt it, too.

The Truth about Forever - Sarah Dessen

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