Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Quote of the week

"Do you ever feel that way?"


I search for the words. "Restless. As if you haven't really met yourself yet. As if you'd passed yourself once in the fog and your heart leapt- "Ah! There I am! I've been missing that piece!" But it happens too fast, and then that part of you disappears into the fog again. And you spend the rest of your days looking for it."

He nods, and I think he's appeasing me. I feel stupid for having said it. It's sentimental and true, and I've revealed a part of myself I shouldn't have.

"Do you know what I think?" Kartik says at last.


"Sometimes, I think you can glimpse it in another."

And with that, he leans forward as I do. We meet in a kiss that is not borrowed but shared.

The Sweet Far Thing by Libby Bray

Okay more like passage of the week but I just love that part. I love these books and yes I have a crush on Kartik but I mean look what he just said -sigh.


  1. This is a great scene. The most memorable for me of the whole series!

  2. Mymeth - me too

    Ana - This and the cave of sighs :)


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