Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Book Review Need - Carrie Jones


I got this book from a friend, who kindly sent me a big box of her read ARC. I would probably have bought it anyway. I simply love the cover and the premise - a book about evil Pixies. Also it's billed for Stephanie Meyer fans.

Now, whatever Stephen King may think, Stephanie Meyer can write a good story. The Twilight Saga racks up the suspense and the tension between Bella and Edward in an compelling, must keep reading way.

Sadly Need does not. There are some wonderfully tense moments like

The forest seemed to look with me. Each tree branch reaches out as if trying to sense what is there in the road with me. then something in the woods moves. I grab a stick form the side of the road hold it in front of me and turn to face the noise, more like a sense, a feeling of movement.

The romance is very cute and the parts where Zara is remembering her dead Step-father ate excellent.

I breathe out. have I been holding my breath? Why would I hold my breath?
Because I'm thinking of my dad.
My dad grew up here. And he'll never see this snow or this house or me again. He's locked away from it, locked away from me, from life, a prisoner. I would do anything to set him free.

But it is rushed and not quite sure which storyline is most important; the girl grieving her father, discovering love or fighting pixies. We are jumped form scene to scene, emotion to emotion like crazy.

It could have done with being twice as long, and taking the time to expand on each plot thread. Basically I would have liked more of this book.


  1. Good thing you didn't pay for it then find out it wasn't that great.

  2. Yup glad I didn't pay for it :)


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