Thursday, 18 December 2008

BTT - Generosity

Do you give books as gifts?

To everyone?

Or only to select people?

How do you feel about receiving books as gifts?


To people I know who like reading or if I read a particular book that I think someone else will just love. I seem to be quite good a matching people and books, or at least that's what I'm told!

I love getting books as gifts but I really love vouchers!


  1. Bookstore gift cards are my favorite gifts!

    Have a great Thursday!

  2. Yep, gift cards are a good thing.

  3. Gift certs. are a promise of good things to come.

  4. I don't particularly like getting a book as a gift unless it's something I specifically asked for.

    I'm a very picky reader ...

    I prefer a gift card, as the others above mentioned. I'm making a mental note to tell my family this ...

  5. Yes, I buy lots! i try to buy books that I'd already read so that I can match them to the right person and can actually tell them I've read them, so they know they can trust me.
    I buy lots of books for my mum, because she doesn't know what to choose in bookshops, unlike me that I have infinite wish lists all over the places!

  6. I agree, getting to pick out your own books is the best!

  7. I like getting books as gifts, but yes, ones that I may have mentioned I wanted to read. If I tear open the gift wrapping and see 'Finance 101', then I think Ill have to change my opinion. Well, ok not Finance 101 but you know what I mean.

    I buy books for friends only if I know they want to read a specific one.

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