Sunday, 27 July 2008

Sunday Salon - How to be bad and Weekly Geeks

I am trying to kick my review butt into gear by taking part in Weekly Geeks this week. Becky of Becky's Book Reviews asked me these questions about How to Be Bad?

How did you like How To Be Bad?
Very much
Is it something you'd recommend?
If you like young adult fiction about friendship and finding out who you really are then yes.
Is it a novel or a set of stories?

A novel

Thanks Becky for getting my ball rolling!

How to be bad - E. Lockhart, Sarah Mlynowski, Lauren Myracle.

Rating 5/5

I was undecided about How to be Bad. I love E Lockhart's but hadn't read the other two authors and three authors? I really didn't think they could pull that off. Luckily the nice people at Harper Collins solved my problem and sent me a free copy and I'm so glad they did.

How to be bad follows Jesse, Mel and Vicks when they take off on a Florida road trip one weekend. Each authors writes a chapter from the perspective of a different girl but the story keeps moving forward and it works, really well. I never wanted to skip over chapters to get to my favourite character they were all good, with strong voices.

During the trip the girls change, bond and learn about friendship, trust, God, relationships and growing up. The comments and observations on these topics all feel a natural part of the story and the characters growth, they never feel shoe horned in.

I highly recommend it. It's funny and insightful and will make you want to go on a road trip.

Some favourite quotes:

"But it felt good both getting the anger out-and knowing how much my forgiveness mattered. How much I mattered."

"I wonder if you can know something about yourself and not know it at the same time. I wonder if everyone has secret fears and not just me."

"It's great that you believe so strongly in God but I feel like sometimes you worry about the wrong things, like what's pure and who's a virgin and what the rules are for being Christian or Jewish or whatever . . . isn't it possible that God is bigger than all that?"

If you've reviewed How to be Bad to link below, thanks.

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