Sunday, 13 April 2008

Sunday Salon

The Sunday

My first time at the Sunday Salon and I've unintentionally managed to read three books that have dealt with similar themes: finding yourself; finding your place in the world; challenging conventional norms of behaviour; aspiring to a different kind of life or way of living.

Different as they are; I have enjoyed them all. The Secret History by Donna Tartt is one of my favourite books, it's beautifully written and gripping. I know I will read it again and probably discover new layers in it.

Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli is sweet and inspiring. It left me feeling I needed to open my eyes and notice the world a bit more when I'm walking through it. I have a tendency "to live like a hermit in my own head" (to channel the lyrics of Death Cab for Cutie).

The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks made me laugh out loud as well as making me think about the assumptions and limits women still face and battle against. I really enjoyed E. Lockhart's writing, Frankie was such a strong and engaging character. I also loved the way she played with language in the book.

This afternoon I've been curled up on the sofa, digesting a particularly large and filling brunch and indulging in the many pleasures of The Duke and I by Julia. Becky recommended these series of books a while back and they are perfect for a Sunday afternoon. Very funny, full of smouldering heroes, beautiful d├ębutantes and lots of witty dialogue. I particularly like the gossip column at the start of each chapter.

I'm off to read pick up some more recommendations at the Sunday salon. Enjoy the last hours of the weekend.


  1. I was talking to a collague just last week about The Secret History - she loved it - I tried reading it when I was about 17 and just couldn't get my head round it. Perhaps I'll give it another try - I wonder if it's still on a book shelf somewhere or if I gave it away... hmm...

  2. Welcome to the Salon. Sorry I'm so late coming over to visit, but I've been up to my eyes in marking until today. The only one of these that I've read is "The Secret History' which I loved. I have 'The Little Friend' on my shelves but have heard such mixed things about it that I haven't yet got round to reading it.

  3. I really liked Stargirl too. Such a refreshing character.


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