Sunday, 23 March 2008

Petite Anglaise

Petite Anglaise - Catherine Sanderson.

Rating 3/5

Read for the Pub Challenge and 888 Challenge.

Petite Anglaise is a very popular blog with hundreds of followers. The book expands on posts Sanderson wrote on her blog that involved the break up of her long term relationship with "Mr Frog" the Father of her daughter "Tadpole" after she meet "Lover" or James through the comments box in her blog.

I did enjoy the book. I like Sanderson's style of writing very much, she is observant, funny and puts a new twist on every day happenings.

It was an uncomfortable read though. It is about the real breakup of a family and an affair and real people are involved and yet there is the temptation to treat it is as a story. As Mr Frog says at one point

"You're repackaging our life into some sort of soap opera?"

Throughout Sanderson acknowledges that perhaps she shouldn't have shared so much of her personal life. While at the same time defending her reason for doing so being Petite Anglaise set her free and bolstered her confidence.

"Being popular as Petite Anglaise online took some of the sting out of feeling so lonely and hollow, so taken for granted at home.
And over time, it was as though petite anglaise really did begin to write a part of me back to life."

The book throws up a lot of questions about the nature of blogging how open or guarded we should be about private matters in the public domain. How much can we share of our lives if we don't touch on the people in them and is that fair to them?

I will be reading her next book, pure fiction this time. Which should hopefully be a good read with out the discomfort.

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