Friday, 4 January 2008

Exit Music

Read as part of The Winter Challenge.

Exit Music - Ian Rankin

Sadly this is the last in Ian Rankin's series of novels featuring DI John Rebus but it is a great exit for one of my favourite cops.

The book is set in the final days of Rebus's police career. As he heads towards retirement. Each chapter begins a different day in the week leading up to his retirement.

Rebus and DS Siobban Clarke begin an investigation into the death of a Russian poet. It seems like a mugging gone wrong. However, something feels wrong to Rebus and as usual he can't let it go. He keeps digging and manages to raise the hackles of everyone around him including his superiors. Of course he is right and many shady dealings come to light before everything is resolved. There are lots of twists and turns in the novel before the truth is revealed .

This was a really satisfying conclusion to the Rebus series. Although there was a hint that we might see more of Rebus working cold cases. I do hope so.


  1. I've only starterd reading the Rebus series last year, so hace from #10 on to go. I've been enjoying the series so much I'm sorry to think it will stop with Exit Music.

  2. I'm in an even better position, I've only read the first three and I'm so excited about having the rest to look forward to. Have you read Peter Robinson? He starts slowly but gets progressively better. He might be a replacement.

  3. Knock, Knock! :)

    I don't see a review of The Other Side of the Bridge. Must have been "BB" (before blog). Oh well.

    Happy Reading!

  4. ADR and Table Talk - Lucky you to have them to come.
    I'll have to check out Peter Robinson as I'm going to miss Rebus.
    Joy - the review is on my other web site if your interested.


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